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Monday, May 19, 2008

Your own best adviser

Let go of your concerns about what you could have done or
should have done.
Look instead at your many opportunities
for doing the right thing right now.

If your regrets about the past are painful, then allow those
regrets to teach and to motivate you. In this moment you can
take the valuable lessons you've learned and move forward
with them.

You've learned that every action, as well as every failure
to act, has consequences. Now is your chance to make those
consequences work in your favor.

Though the past may indeed hold some regrets, you have
something much more powerful. You have today.

And you have a future that will be shaped by what you do
today. You can choose, right now, from a large set of
valuable and desirable possibilities.

Based on your past experience, you are well qualified to be
your own best adviser. Learn from what you've come through,
and you'll find a way to go wherever you choose to go.

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