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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Before you rush away

What's now

Before you rush away from this moment, take a look around and
see its beauty. Instead of worrying about what's next, see
the immense value that's already yours in what's now.

Savor the time you're in and the place where you are.
Appreciate all that you have instead of being obsessed with
how to get more.

You are already wealthy beyond all measure. Open your eyes
to now,
open your heart to purpose, and experience in rich
detail the miracle that is your life.

There's nothing to be gained by racing furiously away from
this moment in search of more. Instead, put your energy into
accepting all that is and you'll find it is more than

Put your focus, care, love, attention, interest, curiosity,
purpose and passion into where you are right now.
This is
your time and place to live, to achieve, to feel, to learn
and to experience.

Everything you are, you are right now. Be here and live the

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