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Friday, November 30, 2007

Haunting Willard Mansion

I love to watch the ghost cams around the world, and the Willard Ghost Library is the most through o' of them all. I keep up to date on these just dreaming someday that I would become a ghost searcher, I don't want to say ghost buster because I feel that these spirits are here for a reason. Check out the link below, it will take you to the ghost cam of the Willard library.
Willard Library Cams
More than 110 years old, Willard Library is the oldest public library building in the state of Indiana. The library, housed in a beautiful Victorian Gothic building in Evansville, is nestled gloriously near the downtown area of this southwestern Indiana city of 130,000 people, providing a sharp contrast with the modern high-rises and six-lane freeways.
This is the Willard Library at night. Boooo. lol

The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?" It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. Take a virtual tour of the library with Greg Hager, Willard Library Director, and see if you can locate the cams hidden in the building. offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. The link is where the cam is located.

It certainly looks like a ghostly librarian with her finger to her lips as though "shushing" someone.

Willard Library Cams
Circled images are what thought to be ghost images. What do you think?

This is inside the Willard library.

Willard Library Cams

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crying Daisies

Crying daisies in the rain.
Wilted petals, dripping wet.
Shows me misery and pain

Like the tear drops of the sky,
matches my tears from my eyes,
they wither up and die.

Returning in the springtime,
then rise again to shine.

Their bright colors of their petals,
gives hearts feeling settled.
They are beautiful
and full of many colors

blooming pastel yellows and whites,
that look like painted with watercolors,
with cheerful feelings of delight

They bring joy to many lovers,
healing hearts that reunites.

They cry in the rain,
like the hearts that wither.
And the pain remains within,
while the lovers sadly depart.

And those hearts that seems to break forever
just takes time really recover
while the daisy brings in colors
when the sun comes out and shines
and brightens your heart in time

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Long Time Ago

A long time ago in a fairy tale woods,
A little girl skipped in her stunning red hood.
To her grandmother's house, that's the way she was going.
When to her surprise, the sky began snowing.
Looking for cover, she spied a young egg,
but running to greet him, she tripped on his leg.
This made Humpty Dumpty fall off his wall,
but Prince Charming dashed in and prevented his fall.
The king was quite grateful, and as reward then,
He gave the prince all of his horses and men.
The horses, however, were skinny as twigs.
So prince traded them in for three little pigs.
But the pigs were so dirty and kept not a thing right,
So he hired a maid by the name of Snow White.
She kept things so tidy, and boy was she cute!
But one day she dropped dead with one bite of a fruit!
Now relax and fear not, for in no time at all,
Another prince passed on his way to a ball.
He took one glance at Snow White and felt bad for the cutie,
So he kissed and revived this sweet, young Sleeping Beauty.
Then right in the midst of this romantic scene,
A stampede of lambs charged through, looking quite mean.
Apparently Mary had gotten upset,
and threatened to take the whole herd to the vet.
In this mad, mixed up frenzy, these lambs weren't too nice,
and they carelessly jostled three blind little mice.
These disabled rodents didn't know what was what,
And, on accident, knocked Humpty Dump on his butt!
He wasn't so lucky this time when he fell,
and his whole yolk leaked out of his demolished shell.
But rather than moan that the day was a beast,
They fried up poor Dumpty and had a great feast!
So, not counting the egg, whose end was disaster...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Eyes of Fire

There's fire in your eyes
looking before me , I can see
my heart burns for you
be like the beating of a drum
hold me within your arms
fill the sensation of my warmth
it is you that has all of the charms
can you resist the warm touch of my skin
touch me I'm on fire
as you still look at me
with the fire in your eyes
my passion for you runs deep
within your eyes , I see no disguises
your romance has captured me
in a world of our own
our dancing spirits are free

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today I am feeling blue

Today I am feeling blue
Sunday's today,
tomorrow I have no clue
my mood changes
with the weather news
exciting sunset moons
clouding over mountains
with nothing to view
the branches are naked
which leaves are very few
the sunrise every morning
it'll be rising real soon
capturing the brightness,
takes my breath and makes me swoon
my love has brought me happiness
with each day new
but today is Sunday,
my honey is chopping wood,
and I'll have to make do
so Sunday I'll continue
to feeling so blue
until my Baby returns this afternoon

Saturday, November 24, 2007

By adding ( rel="nofollow" to hyperlink...)

RelNoFollow is an elemental microformat, one of several microformat open standards. By adding rel="nofollow" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the destination of that hyperlink SHOULD NOT be afforded any additional weight or ranking by user agents which perform link analysis upon web pages (e.g. search engines). Typical use cases include links created by 3rd party commenters on blogs, or links the author wishes to point to, but avoid endorsing. For more specific endorsement (or lack thereof) semantics, see VoteLinks.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exchanging Links for free....

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life is short.

Life's too short for arguments,
And playing silly games.
Complaining, swearing, cursing people,
Calling people all these names.

The world has no patience,
For insolent, arrogant fools.
Anyone who is disobedient,
Or doesn't play by the rules.

What goes around, comes around,
I'm sure that's how it goes.
Remember that when someone,
Is really getting up your nose.

'Cause life's too short for arguments,
And playing silly games.
There is no need to bicker,
And shoot everyone down in flames.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weary and Tired

Weary and tired
And worn today
Today I'm teary
As I rest in pray

Natures sun is my king
And Hope is was just a dream
Do dreams really come true?
Only the blessing of Hope can pursue

Feeling of despair
Like missing something that wasn't really there
sometimes life is so unfair

It just doesn't seem right
Blue today
When yesterday, was just last night
a bright sunshine day
bursting into nothing,
the tomorrow will have to stay

The memories of yesterday
a present then past
a smile, a tear
when hopefully
tomorrow wont be like the past
the fear
That has grasped my last breath

Don't ask why I am gloomy today
When yesterday wasn't to far away
I yearned for a beautiful love felt day
I've dreamed of a thousand fearful nights
so afraid to fall asleep
Of living up there someday
Next to a stream of clouds
With the crisp sweet air
Peacefulness without heart aches
that has swept me away
Calmness of the breeze
Blowing through bright flower bouquet
Awaiting for me to return today
refusing to rest
knowing todays a mess

No worries of love or confusion
within the clouds and above the moon
escaping of my hearts dismay
whispering only sounds of natures,
Beautiful ways

Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you wanting more of mee?

I have several blog accounts in different group medias, you may check them out if you are interested or have the time, I would appreciate it if you rate me, I don't know why the page of my editing is getting such a high rating, it is snagging all the ratings and not allowing the main page be gets all or if any rating. In one of my blog posts I have blogged about nofollow and follow, which is about Google and how it follows everywhere you go including to your editing page and dashboard page, this ruins your main page from getting all the ratings it deserves. I am in the process of trying to stop that. Google says that the reason for the following is because of comment spam, but I still get the spam so what does it really do because ruin the ratings on your main pages you need the rating the most.

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I probably have more accounts, but that all for now folks !!! LOL

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