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Monday, February 23, 2009

Struggling Parents

That Choice
she makes that choice not really knowing what love is

Twinkle in my eye

Twinkle in My Eye

Relaxing in the thought of you

I found my place under the stars
of the beautiful night sky
Relaxing in the thought of you
with a twinkle in my eye
I wondered if you were seeing
the beauty of the moon
and if tonight in your mind
played a lovers tune.
I closed my eyes and drifted
with the calmness of my night

feeling you here beside me
pleasant thoughts to invite.
You found your place in my heart
and now for you, it's screaming
this is what we truly call
Wide-awake dreaming.

Copywright Terry Freeman
mee mOe

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Know the Joy

The higher you aim, the higher you will go. Push yourself a
little bit past what you know you can do, and you'll
discover new skills and abilities.

If it seems that you don't ever get much done, maybe it's
because you're not giving yourself enough to do. Make your
dreams and ambitions big enough to be positively compelling.

Be genuinely thankful for how far you've already come, but
don't rest on your previous accomplishments. Honor and
appreciate those accomplishments by using them as a starting
point for even greater success.

You are intelligent, adaptable, creative, flexible and
effective at getting things done. Fulfill your destiny and
satisfy your purpose by giving yourself plenty of valuable,
worthwhile things to do.

Delight in discovering how much more you can accomplish.
Thrill to the challenge of moving successfully through new,
uncharted territory.

Continue to reach beyond yourself. Know the joy and
confidence that come from growing ever stronger.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forget the worries

Don't worry about how long it will take, or what others will
think of you, or how difficult it will be. Just get busy and

do it.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on worry, use that
time and energy for action. Instead of


what you
don't want, create what you do want.

Of course there will be challenges, painful mistakes,
embarrassing moments and difficult efforts. But instead of
worrying about them and making them worse, just go ahead,
work your way through them and get them over with.

Worry fills you with doubt, and doubt eats away at your
dreams. Choose instead to take action, with so much
relentless determination and intensity that there's no room
for worry.

Even though there will always be problems, you are truly
capable of greatness. Imagine yourself fulfilling that
greatness, starting right now from where you are with what
you have.

Then jump enthusiastically into the journey. Forget the
worries, and bring your best possibilities to life.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Make Progress

Today is your opportunity to make progress. Right now is the
moment to begin.

If you're not quite sure how you'll proceed, go ahead and
get started anyway. The way to work out the details is to
jump into the work.

Each moment that flows quickly into your life will flow out
again just as quickly. While you have it, you can transform
that moment into a lasting accomplishment.

Make a little bit of progress, again and again. Soon, you
will have created great value.

You can do it, because you are alive and aware and willing
to get where you wish to go. Whatever your situation,
whatever your circumstance, you can make something positive
and valuable out of it.

Choose now to make progress, and allow a positive momentum
to take hold. Feel the joy of being the immensely creative
person you can surely be.

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Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.