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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making Progress

In order to make progress, you must know exactly where you
intend to go. Choose a clear and specific destination, and
then you can get busy going there.

Having a vague idea of where you want to go is not going to
do you any good. Know exactly where you desire to be and
you're already well on your way there.

The dreams that are compelling are the dreams that will
motivate you to take whatever action is necessary. And the
most compelling dreams are the ones with rich and meaningful

The goals you will achieve are the goals you can fully
describe. Give real life and substance to your goals and
you'll quickly begin to realize them.

You can choose any destination you wish for your life. So
choose one that thrills you and compels you to be the best
you can be.

Delight in the rich details of where you are headed. And
you'll work your way steadily there.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Joy is your true nature.

That's why it feels so right.

Simple yet profound, joy asks only to be. Joy fills your
life to the extent that you allow it.

Let go of the frustration, the anger, envy and worry. And
joy comes quickly to fill the void.

The smallest things can inspire joy. And the biggest moments
in life benefit when they are lived in joy.

Joy costs nothing and yet it gives so much. Joy is
completely unreasonable and that is its most powerfully
compelling reason.


is always here and now.

Allow joy to fill your heart,
and its great value will fill your world.

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Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.