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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

It Will....

It Will Be...

There is beauty all around you. If you look with a loving and thankful heart, you will see it.
There are possibilities too numerous to imagine. If you recognize and appreciate the best of them, they will be yours to fulfill.
Your current circumstances provide a perfect point from which to reach as high as you wish, if you will step forward and take positive action. The challenges you face serve as valuable lessons, if you meet them with the best you have to give.
Today will be the best one yet, if you expect it to be. Your dreams will come to life, if you give your passion and energy to them in every moment.
You'll work successfully through every obstacle, if you choose to utilize the power of your persistence. You'll achieve what you set out to achieve, if you follow through with purpose and commitment.
Know that it will be. And it will be.
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