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Friday, August 17, 2012

Accept The Responsibility

There is no other person who is smart enough, or experienced
enough, or informed enough or insightful enough to tell you
how to live. That's up to you.

Certainly the advice and guidance of others can be extremely
valuable. Yet when it comes to expressing and fulfilling the
best of who you are, you are the world's foremost expert.

It feels good to be praised and it hurts to be criticized.
Always keep in mind, though, that those who offer their
opinions of you cannot possibly see the whole picture.

Your life is your responsibility. That is simultaneously a
sobering obligation and a fantastic opportunity.

Successful living is difficult work and yet you are
absolutely qualified to do it. You are worthy and capable of
creating and enjoying whatever it is that truly fulfills

Make the commitment, do the work, accept the responsibility
that is necessary for that fulfillment. Live the outstanding
life that is yours to experience

mee mOe

mee mOe

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