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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Choose to accept


Choose to accept all that comes your way and in it you will
find great value. Resist the urge to impose your judgment on
the people, places, things and events that surround you, and
you'll connect with many more possibilities.

To make the very best of any situation, you must first
acknowledge and accept the reality of what it is. That
provides you with a valuable starting point from which you
can move in any direction you choose.

To deny or to fight against what has already happened will
merely waste your energy and resources. To wish that things
had been different, or to pretend that they are, will do you
no good.

Instead, visualize what can be in all the richness and
detail that you can imagine. Then find a step you can take
right now that will lead you in the direction of your dream.

Losers argue about what has happened and who is at fault,
and put their energy into resentment for what is. Winners
choose the life they wish to create, and find a way to move
toward it from any situation.

This moment is here and now, and this moment is what it is.
Accept it fully, with enthusiasm and gratitude, and take a
big step in the direction of your dream.


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

See those challenges

When the going gets rough, that's not a sign that you must
lower your expectations. It is precisely during such times
that your best strategy is to raise those expectations.

If your goal is to merely get by, to do nothing more than
just break even, there's nothing in it to motivate or
inspire you. Set your sights on a destination so compelling
that you'll be pulled toward it just by thinking about it.

Giving up and settling for less is never the answer to
life's challenges. See those challenges as the tremendously
valuable opportunities that they are.

Always, always, always there are rich rewards waiting for
those who can produce and provide real value to life. That
is even more acutely true in times of turmoil and

You have so very much to offer, for you are smart,
experienced, adaptable, curious, open-minded and willing to
make a positive difference.
So by all means, get busy making
your own unique contribution to life with every opportunity
that comes your way.

This is your time to shine more brightly than ever before.
Greet this day, and every day, with the unsurpassed
enthusiasm of knowing what a truly grand opportunity is now
in your hands.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

True Guidance

True Guidance is to the point. True Guidance is very direct and to the point. It doesn't waste time, or give you ambiguous messages since God wants you to understand its meaning clearly. False guidance beats around the bush and gives more rationalizations than an anxious salesperson. False guidance peppers you with words and tingled with fear and anxiety.

The guidance comes suddenly and completely. True guidance comes as a complete chunk of information out of the blue, usually in response to prayer and meditation. One test of whether your guidance is true or false is to retrace your steps in thinking. Is there a chain of thoughts that led you to your guidance?This is usually guidance coming from the lower self. Higher-self guidance may come in response to a question you ask, but it usually doesn't have a trail of thoughts leading to it.

True guidance never puts us above or below others. False guidance nearly always involves scenarios in which you appear in the starring role as a hero. The lower self ego tries to convince you that, if you follow its lead, everyone will adore and revere you. FALSE Guidance puts you in the starring role, a role that usually has you competing, attacking, or winning at others' expensives.

your true self will never elevate you above other people. All of its advice is based on the knowledge that God loves everyone equally.

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Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.