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Friday, April 11, 2008

Make it happen

When you're not headed in any particular direction, that's
where you'll end up arriving -- nowhere. When you have no
specific goal in mind, that's what you'll end up
accomplishing -- not much.

Sometimes it can be truly helpful and enlightening to wander
without a clear destination and to explore new territory.
Yet if that's all you ever do, all that enlightenment will
never be put to use.

When you give yourself a clear, specific goal, your actions
take on the power of purpose. That can help to make you more
creative, resourceful, persistent and effective.

Set a couple of goals for today, and you become far more
likely to get those things done. Powerful forces, some of
which you may not even realize or understand, are set in
motion by your intentions.

Before you start to move forward, decide for yourself
exactly what it means to move forward. Before you begin to
take action, be sure you know the reason for that action.

You'll accomplish much more when you clearly know what you
intend to accomplish. Get a goal, and you'll make it happen.


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