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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

See those challenges

When the going gets rough, that's not a sign that you must
lower your expectations. It is precisely during such times
that your best strategy is to raise those expectations.

If your goal is to merely get by, to do nothing more than
just break even, there's nothing in it to motivate or
inspire you. Set your sights on a destination so compelling
that you'll be pulled toward it just by thinking about it.

Giving up and settling for less is never the answer to
life's challenges. See those challenges as the tremendously
valuable opportunities that they are.

Always, always, always there are rich rewards waiting for
those who can produce and provide real value to life. That
is even more acutely true in times of turmoil and

You have so very much to offer, for you are smart,
experienced, adaptable, curious, open-minded and willing to
make a positive difference.
So by all means, get busy making
your own unique contribution to life with every opportunity
that comes your way.

This is your time to shine more brightly than ever before.
Greet this day, and every day, with the unsurpassed
enthusiasm of knowing what a truly grand opportunity is now
in your hands.

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