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Friday, November 28, 2008

Discipline Yourself

Choose discipline

Discipline is a decision you make, over and over again.
Discipline is choosing to do what you know must be done, as
often and as long as necessary.

With discipline, you can make smart and advantageous use of
the time and resources available to you. With discipline,
you can create great value for yourself and your world.

The most powerful way to put discipline into your life is to
understand and remind yourself of what it can do for you.
Once you truly decide to live with it, the power of
discipline is yours.

If you do not choose to discipline yourself, you will
eventually be subject to the harsh, inescapable discipline
imposed upon you by life's realities. It is far more
desirable to choose your own discipline and to deal with
those realities on your own terms.

Self discipline opens up a world of choices and
opportunities which otherwise would not be available to you.
Whatever goal you set your sights upon, discipline is the
most reliable way to reach it.

Choose, early and often, to use the powerful tool of
discipline. And always achieve maximum results from your
time and your actions

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

And You Will

If you wish to get something done, stop telling yourself why
you can't. Begin telling yourself why you must.

Of course there are obstacles to every achievement. Yet you
can work through any obstacle when you have a clear and
compelling reason to do so.

Zero in on that reason. Make it your priority to keep that
reason ever present in your thoughts.

Though the challenges may be powerful, you can always make
your purpose even more powerful. Keep telling yourself,
again and again, why you must.

Make a solid connection between your actions and your
purpose. That will cause your effectiveness to soar.

Remember always why you must. And you will.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lift up your world

Do you want to experience a burst of energy that nothing can
take away from you? Then lift up someone else.

Focus on helping another person, and your eyes will open to
new and powerful possibilities. Give of yourself to others,
and you'll end up with even more to give.

Every great achievement goes far beyond the achiever. In
fact, the value of any achievement is based on how many
people it positively affects.

Get in the habit of making a difference for others. Every
day provides you with ample opportunities to do so.

Every person has real and unique value. Respect and
celebrate that value by connecting with the goodness of each
person you encounter.

Lift up others and you lift up your world. Lift up your
world, and you'll find it a wonderful place to be.

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Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.