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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miracles Happen

What happens when I physically hold on to something? I turn my head away. I squeeze my eyes shut. My knuckles ache as my fists clench. Finger nails bite into the palms. I exhaust myself. I hurt !

On the other hand, when I trust God to give me what I need, I let go. I face forward. My hands are free for healthy, loving and enjoyable activities. I find unexpected reserves, many of which have been there all along.

Before I complain about the suffering, I might do well to examine myself. I may be surprised by the amount of pain I can release by simply letting go.

How much can God give me if I am not open to receive? When I hold onto a problem, a fear, or resentment, I shut myself off to help that is available to me. I will "Let Go, Let God".

All I had to do was become the least bit willing to open my clenched fist a tiny, grudging bit and miracles happened. Thats God as I understand Him to be.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Asking for Help

There are many areas of my life that I cannot change. What I can change is my attitude. Today I can accept my life as it is. I can be grateful and happy, here and now, with what I have.

"I must do many things for myself, for soo long I have done so many things for my children. And now that they have become adults, I am not wholly self-sufficient. I need help, support, and guidance I receive from my higher power. When I catch myself struggling with a problem today, I will let go of it long enough to ask for help."

Sometimes I become so busy starting at my problems that I miss the guidance I'm being given. When I become willing to let go of the need to do it myself, I can listen to my direction from my higher power. I become better able to move beyond my problems and start solving them. letting go, and letting God handle my turmoil, lifestyle and actions has always been the hardest thing to accomplish.

"Life holds so much--so much to be happy about always. Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can be felt only if you don't set conditions."

"Let Go, Let God"
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Thursday, May 29, 2008


There is much you can learn from what you don't know. The
questions that have no answers will add great value and
wisdom to your life.

Some things in this world are shrouded in mystery. Some
things will always be.

The fact that you don't know it all compels you to think.
And thinking can be a very productive and enlightening

Those things that are unknown cause you to wonder. And
wonder is the source of much richness in life.

In what you know and understand, there are many valuable
In the realm of what you don't yet know, are
even more possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Look toward what you cannot see, and listen for what you
cannot hear. In so doing, you'll find great truth.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What "Mother" Means

What "Mother" Means

"Mother" is such a simple word,
But to me there’s meaning seldom heard.
For everything I am today,
My mother’s love showed me the way.
I’ll love my mother all my days,
For enriching my life in so many ways.
She set me straight and then set me free,
And that’s what the word "mother" means to me.
Thanks for being a wonderful mother, Mom!

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Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.