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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Challenges in life

If everything was free and required no effort, nothing would
have any value. If there were no challenges in life, there
would be no place in which to create achievement.

The very factors that push against you provide a fertile
ground from which you can raise yourself up. From your most
burdensome limitations can come your greatest triumphs.

Can you identify what's holding you back? Then you've also
determined exactly what must be done to take the next step

When the side of the mountain is steep and treacherous, the
view from the top is spectacular. By steadily working
through the difficulties and challenges, you can reach the
summit of increased strength and value.

It is by working toward a goal that you make the goal worth
reaching. The difficulties you encounter along the way serve
as opportunities to add value to the achievement.

Life is worth living precisely because it requires effort
and challenges you to be your best. Rise to the challenge
each day and add your own special gifts to life's treasure.


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