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Friday, May 09, 2008

Meaningful efforts

Seek not to avoid all effort, for that would curse you with
unbearable emptiness. Seek instead to fill your life with
meaningful efforts that resonate with your deepest purpose.

Your ability to make a difference is one of your greatest
blessings. The more often you put that ability into
practice, the more fulfilling your life will be.

You have your own special gifts to give to all of life. The
intense longing within you is a longing to make a positive
difference in your own unique way.

The universe in which you live is so wonderfully diverse and
abundant that there are countless ways for you to create new
value. You know each time you find one of those ways because
it feels so right.

Don't settle for the meaningless trinkets that will soon
rust and fade away. Build your life upon those efforts and
resulting accomplishments that express the true beauty of
who you are.

The time you invest in meaningful effort will produce
rewards that continue to grow more valuable. And you'll fill
your life with a richness that can never be taken away.


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