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Friday, May 16, 2008

True Guidance

true Guidance is to the-point. True Divine guidance is very direct and to the-point. It doesn't waste words, or give you ambiguous messages since Godwants you to understand its meaning clearly. False guidance beats around the bush and gives more rationalizations than an anxious sales person. False guidance peppers you with words, all tinged with fear and anxiety.

True Guidance comes suddenly and completely. True Guidance often comes as a complete chunk of information out of the blue, usually in response to prayer and or meditation.

One test of whether your guidance is true or false is to retrace your steps in thinking. Is there a chain of thoughts that led you to your guidance? This is usually guidance coming from the lower self-esteem. Higher-self guidance may come in response to a question you ask, but it usually doesn't have a trail of thoughts leading to it. For instance, you suddenly think about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, whom you haven't seen in years. Is it true Divine Guidance that is trying to tell you to call that person?

To find out, trace your thoughts backward from the point where you thought of the person. With false Guidance, you'll discover, for instance, that you first thought of a movie star, which reminded you of an old movie in which he starred, which made you recall going to the drive-in theater, which then brought up memories of your ex-lover. In True Divine Guidance, you think of the person out of the blue, without the trail leading up to the thought.

When the true self guides you, you'll play a different type of role.
True Guidance shows you scenarios in which you make a meaningful contribution with your natural talents.

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