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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make your choice

Often you are called upon to make decisions both big and
small. Sometimes it is not clear which choice will bring the
most positive value to your life.

Give care and thoughtful consideration to your decisions.
But don't obsess over those decisions so much that you fail
to make them.

Though it can at times be impossible to know which choice is
best for you, it is usually very easy to know what the worst
choice is. Almost always, the worst choice is to avoid
making a choice.

Life offers many attractive choices. And yet you cannot
choose all of them at once.

Make your choice, and then put your commitment behind it.
Even if it doesn't work out as you expected, at the very
least you will have gained valuable knowledge and experience
for making the next choice.

Each choice leads to other choices, and with every choice
you improve your ability to wisely choose. Be consistently
decisive, and the choices you make will bring real value
into your world.


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