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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Treasures of life

You do not get what you want, or even what you need. You get
what you are.

When you want this or need that, you are supporting the
reality that you do not have it. Instead of putting your
energy into wanting or needing, put it into being.

By your thoughts and actions, with your words and feelings,
you can choose how to be. Use that powerful choice to give
energy, attention and the substance of your life to those
things you value most.

Instead of working to convince the world that you need some
particular thing, put your effort into expressing it through
your own life. Give up the habit of wanting more, and put
your energy into living exactly as you choose to live.

Through the miracle of your life in this moment right now,
you already have access to all that is. Your challenge is
not one of want or need, but of appreciating and making full
use of all that is available to you.

Instead of pushing life's abundance away with your wants and
needs, let that abundance freely flow through you. Always
live according to the best you can envision, and know all
the joyful treasures of life.


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