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Monday, December 31, 2007

"Harry" has traveled the world

Years ago when I was in High School I created a cartoon character and I named him Harry. My brother uses him on his Ham Radio to advertise his station. He sent me links to show me that my character was traveling around the world. I am excited that my cartoon "Harry" is beginning to become a very popular cartoon, maybe he isn't making me any money, but its exciting to know that at least he is able to afford to travel the world in seconds.

My brother is quite talented, I remember that he use to ride his ten speed bike with a CB radio attached to the back of his bike. Now all of that radioing has paid off to actually owning his own Ham Radio Station. His Ham Radio signals reach countries that don't even have telephone lines and when someone is in need of assistance or just general communication he is able to transfer signals to other radios. He works for company that is well known around the world called 3M and he has an amazing website he has developed, so when you get a chance you can visit the site and sign his Guest Book and don't forget to add that his favorite sister Terry (mee mOe) has sent you. Also, he has links that are quite interesting that you should check out, he has Cams linked to everywhere. He builds radio tower lines up to 130ft, he actually climbs these towers to the top, and a couple of time has been on the News, click on the tower climbing link at the bottom of the page, check it out when you get a chance. If you click on the live cam, you can see the gazebo he built himself. Thanks and have a wonderful week !!!

My cartoon character thats famous

My brother about a hundred and thirty feet up on a radio tower...

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Relax and allow this moment to come. Savor the richness of it
as it passes through your experience.

Then, just as peacefully as you let it in, let the moment
go. And allow the next moment to flow freely into your life.

There is nothing to be gained by fighting against perceived
difficulties, or by running away from them. There is nothing
to be gained by worrying that the things you value will be
taken from you.

Instead, enjoy, appreciate and make full use of your many
treasures and blessings. By so doing, you'll make it
impossible for them to ever be taken from you.

Welcome each new challenge as it appears. It is by moving
through the challenges that you enrich yourself and the
world around you.

Let each unique moment flow freely through you, with
whatever it may bring, and experience it fully, with
passion, purpose, and positive expectation. Then let it go,
while holding on to the richness it has added to your life.


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Communities

Communities that I am signed up to just to get traffic into my blogs. I have been trying very hard to get traffic flow through my blogs. I have several communities that I've signed up to and if your joined into any of these, feel free to add me to your friends list in all of these communities, thanks and have a great day !!!

12.MySpace Blog
15.MySpace Profile
16.Flickr 360 answers
21.other online
22.Blog Dune
23.Blog Cave
25.AC The peoples media company
29.technorati profile
31.My Free IQ
I think thats all for now, I will add on if I think of any more of them...Holy Cow, thatz a lot !!!

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