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Monday, December 03, 2007

Harley's ;)

Harley's have been around as early as the early 1900's, my boyfriend still has his first Harley. He actually has 4 Harley's in his dining room and one that is a 2001 Harley out in his garage. We keep them polished up in the house and is a great conversation topic. My boyfriend is 18 years older then me, so he has experienced a lot of Harley's in his days, and he has told me a lot of stories. Below I posted some random pictures for you to enjoy.

Your kids have to have a Harley.

Then your pets get involved into Harley's.

First Harley ever invented was similar to a bicycle.
This bike was sold in 1905 to Henry Meyer. This Photograph was made in 1912 by H-D-Photographer L.C. Rosenkrans.
The bike showed several modifications:
later style fenders, replacement fork, different wheels, handle bar and battery box.
During 1912-1913 the bike was publicized
in H-D literature as being the first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle ever built,
and up to that point had been ridden
nearly 100.000 miles.

This Bike was built in 1915.

The Harley has always been most everyone's desire to experience, its just plain romantic to me.

This is the new Harley that just came out, it looks simple and small for me to ride and actually hold the bike up.

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Claudio Mccarty said...

“The Harley has always been most everyone's desire to experience; it’s just plain romantic to me.” – Well, you can’t blame them. Ever since their first release, Harley motor bicycles have always astounded clients and bike lovers. From the design and build to the engine, you can tell that every part is worth every penny. It is safe to say that Harley never fails to deliver, then and now.[Claudio Mccarty]

Erik Lucien said...

“Then your pets get involved into Harley's.”--- Oh, this reminds me of my father. I remember when he really gave our dog with a Harley cap, a collar, and even a pair of shades. Yeah, the complete biker getup. Although, he gave me some as well, but that was before I told him that I was jealous of the affection he was giving to our dog. Haha!

Erik Lucien

Max Piedra said...

It seemed like you got really jealous of your dog, Erik. Haha! Well, you really can’t blame your father for doing that. I guess it’s just really part of him being a Harley fan. Hehe! Seeing your pet (and you too as well) wearing those, for sure, makes him really happy as a person. ;)

Max Piedra

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