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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changing the blog title

I am considering changing this blog title to "My Life Between the lines". The title it carries now sounds kind of dumb, because we all know what the answer is to "Does Money Mean Everything". The title "My Life Between The Lines" sounds a heck of a lot better then that other title. I need to change colors and format, so that it looks more interesting because its doing very poorly in rating and PR (Page rank). So its going to have a new beginning, with a new title...stay tuned !!! and check out my other blogs Please !!! Have a GREAT DAY !!!

1."When Life Becomes a Book"
2.Marketing Myself
3.Across this Bridge
4.Struggling Parents
5.Does Money Mean Everything
6.Internet Lifestyles
7.The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery
8.MySpace Blog

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