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Friday, December 07, 2007

sea horses

These animals are of such a superior quality to wild caught animals, when raised and maintained in controlled environments such as tanks and aquariums.

How to manage and optimized your aquarium for seahorse life! filters, sterilizers, pumps and sumps, and general maintenance. Must have proper tank care!

Just remember the three golden rules to successful seahorse keeping:

* Under-stocking is ALWAYS better than overstocking. Always! That is the one immutable law that governs the seahorse-keeping universe, and if you violate it, the aquarium gods will exact swift and terrible retribution!

* When in doubt, under stock. Don't push your luck! If you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether or not your system is running at capacity, it probably is. In such a situation, you MUST err on the side of caution.

* Don't mess with success! If your seahorse setup has been running smoothly and trouble-free for a prolonged period at it's present level of occupancy, try to resist the temptation to increase your herd. Why risk upsetting the balance in a system that has settled into a state of happy equilibrium? Rather than risk overcrowding an established tank, consider starting up a new aquarium when the urge to acquire some new specimens becomes overwhelming. As for the aquarium water, I have found Instant Ocean artificial sea salt works very well for seahorses.

Enjoy the posted pictures;


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