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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What I did this weekend

I was very busy this weekend, my boyfriend's best friend drove all the way to Canada to go deer hunting and he brought us back a 4 point deer. I have been cutting up a deer now for 3 days. This deer was very large, lots of meat on him and he probably weighs about 400 to 500 hundred pounds, and maybe I am just stretching the truth on his weight. But I cut the last of him up yesterday, and I have deer stew cooking as we then we had his daughter come over to visit with her two boys and they had dinner, deer roast, with lots of garlic stuff into it and onions, to change the gamy taste to it, and it actually tasted pretty darn good.

We also cut up a old tree (fruitless Mulberry tree) for fire wood, we had to make a lot of trips to bring the wood to the house.

Okay, so this is off the subject of what I did this weekend, but my Mom called and was crying. She is upset because this Christmas will be different, not traditional. My kids are going to see their Dad and I am going with my boyfriends family's house to celebrate Christmas. It will be different for me to, and I am sad I won't be with my kids on Christmas, but I have no money to get any of them anything and their Dads sister is rich, so they will get gifts from them. My sister is upset too, she wasn't invited to go out to dinner with my Mom and Dad and yet I was and I can't go, because I had already made plans. Bummer how things all work out, but in the end I hope that they actually will turn out for the best. I hope you all have a very good week and keep in ya !!! Hugs !!!

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