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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today is a bright sunny day

Today is a bright sunny day, with white billowy clouds drifting across the sky. A little chilly outside but I think it should warm up to around 65-70 degrees. It has rained in the last couple days and its made me gloomy, but the sunny skies are bringing me out of that state of mind. Isn't funny how the weather goes by your moods, rainy days have always made me feel so gloomy and depressed.

Well friends, we only have 5 more days left for Christmas and the the New Year pops in for the "BIG" 2008...never thought I'd make through the year 2000 but here I am, my heart is still pumping...I think, at least the last time I check. Anywho, O am just bored and trying to find something to blog about. I made spaghetti last night with sausage and it turned out pretty good, does anyone else like sausage in their spaghetti?...I check in to this question later, although I don't really think that anyone even reads this poor blog, it has the lowest rating then my others. Have a fantastic day !!!

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Peace said...

Wow, I am very hungry right now, always am. When you are hungry, everything is nice. I love it, how I wish I can eat something now.

Merry Xmas in advance, just in case I have no time to come back here again the coming days.

Take care of your health, I think Money does not mean everything.

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I was sad, I am hungry, I know what is hunger and pain. Read here

Money don't mean everything, but if you have really zero money, you will have nothing, not even life, when you have nothing to eat. You only have pain, pain of hunger and no strength.

I am still searching for the truth of life.

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