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Friday, December 14, 2007

Traffic flow and generalized stuff

This blog is not doing as well as my other blogs, I don't know exactly why, but the traffic flow through this blog is nothing compared to my blog titled "When Life Becomes a Book." I have an idea on what would allow traffic flow and I guess what would be tagging others to come into this page except that I have already place tag games into two other blogs today. I see other coming into this blog but the PR (page rank) is poor on it.

I have to go across town today to look at an apartment. I need one, I've been living with my boyfriend but I think he is getting tried of me. I've asked him but he says "No", that he really does enjoy my company. How can you really tell if someone is lying? if they look away from you, well he didn't look away from me but he wasn't looking at me from the beginning of the question. So how do I really know if he does enjoy my company? anywho, I am off and running errands. Have a great day !!!

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aaidjs said...

Hello Dear,I think if you feel that you have to ask him that question than you are on the End!!I wish you more luck next time!!!See you and Regards from Croatia

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