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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Relax and allow this moment to come. Savor the richness of it
as it passes through your experience.

Then, just as peacefully as you let it in, let the moment
go. And allow the next moment to flow freely into your life.

There is nothing to be gained by fighting against perceived
difficulties, or by running away from them. There is nothing
to be gained by worrying that the things you value will be
taken from you.

Instead, enjoy, appreciate and make full use of your many
treasures and blessings. By so doing, you'll make it
impossible for them to ever be taken from you.

Welcome each new challenge as it appears. It is by moving
through the challenges that you enrich yourself and the
world around you.

Let each unique moment flow freely through you, with
whatever it may bring, and experience it fully, with
passion, purpose, and positive expectation. Then let it go,
while holding on to the richness it has added to your life.


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