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Friday, December 28, 2007

Posting some of my favorite links

I've decided to post some of my creative bloggers, I can't give anyone the award, seeing that I have already given the award out to Lady Banana. But I wanted something to blog about and I've been reviewing blogs all morning, so here goes the list may be longer then I think.

1. Greger
2. Ray
3. Ogre
4. Another Day In Paradise
5. Space Girl
6. Addiction Explained
7. ThomasWelcome
8. Jane's Writing
9. Discourses of a Womyn
10. Raven Ridesemraw
11. The Spitting Vessel
12. Magic & Moments at Dragonfly Cottage
13. Sugar Queen's Dream
14. Olga the traveling bra
15. feeling flirty
16. Go smell the flowers
17. Twisted Sister
18. Mental poo
19.Lady Banana
20. Tiffany
21. Beautifully Brazen

And of course don't forget my blogs;
1."When Life Becomes a Book"
2.Marketing Myself
3.Across this Bridge
4.Struggling Parents
5.Does Money Mean Everything
6.Internet Lifestyles
7.The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery
8.MySpace Blog

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