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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The opportunity begins

What is the best opportunity? It's the one for which you're
the most fully prepared.

An opportunity is of value to you only when you're ready to
make the most of it. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing
the opportunity of a lifetime right in front of you and not
being able to do anything with it.

Opportunity, when it arrives, does not wait for you to get
ready, for that is not its nature. So prepare yourself for
the opportunity you seek before that opportunity comes.

Your preparation will not only enable you to seize the
opportunity. By preparing for the opportunity, you actually
help to make that opportunity real in your life.

The actions you take to prepare yourself for an opportunity
clearly signal your expectation that the opportunity will
indeed arrive. And what you sincerely expect, will be.

Prepare yourself, and the opportunity begins to come toward
you. Prepare yourself, and you'll be able to make the very
most of it when it arrives.


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