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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Positive direction

Negative to positive

Positive energy is very nearly the same as negative energy.
It's just focused in a different direction.

The best way to deal with negative energy is not to fight
against it. Instead, make positive use of that energy by
redirecting it.

For example, at the heart of frustration, when you strip
away the circumstances, it feels a lot like enthusiasm. And
in fact, by simply focusing the energy of your frustration
in a different direction, you can transform it into

For everything that you feel the urge to oppose, there's
something else that you can support. Each instance of
negative energy has a positive counterpart.

When you're feeling negative, you're actually quite close to
being positive. Just make the choice to focus the intensity
of your feelings on what you value and appreciate, rather
than on what you don't want.

No matter what is coming your way, you can point the
considerable power of your life in a positive direction.
Remember what you're in favor of, and put your life into it.


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