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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Best It Can Be

When you feel the urge to be critical of someone else, look
first within yourself.
The weaknesses and shortcomings you
perceive in another may very well be pointing to
improvements you can make in your own life.

Instead of depending on others to change, or attempting to
force them to do so, look for positive changes that you can
make. You'll always have much more success controlling your
own life than you will have controlling others.

If you wish to live in a positive world, be a positive
If you desire peace, then be completely at peace
with yourself.

Life is a mirror that reflects your most authentic self back
to you. It flows from the inside out.

The values and priorities that you live by will greatly
influence the world that you live in. The thoughts and
feelings you hold most consistently on the inside will
determine how life unfolds for you on the outside.

Allow peace, love, joy and fulfillment to flow from the
inside out. Make your world the best it can be.

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