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Friday, November 02, 2007

The History of how the Rose Bowl began

Nickname “The Granddaddy of them all” The rose Bowl Game has been a sellout attraction every year since 1947. The 1998 Rose Bowl game was the 52nd anniversary of that agreement, the longest standing tradition of any collegiate conference and a bowl association.
In 1902, the tournament of Roses Association decided to enhance the day’s festivities by adding a football game. It all started out with the Rose Tournament and led onto being the most popular sport event every year.

The stadium grew with the Rose Bowl Game's popularity. In 1928, the south end was filled in, increasing the seating capacity to 76,000. Further enlargements took place in 1932 (83,677), 1949 (100,807) and 1972 (104,696). The current seating capacity is approximately 93,000, although stadium room was found for a record crowd of 106,869 on January 1, 1973.

And WTF...What happened to the 49’ers this yr.?

A couple of Mondays ago when the Bronco’s and the Cowboys were playing, that game should of been the Super Bowl because the excitement of it was amazing, even know I didn't care to much for either team. I felt sorry for the Cowboys because they kept reviewing their plays. The Cowboys would of won 3 or 4 times, but I think because of them playing the game on the Bronco’s territory they took advantage of the right to review the Cowboy’s plays, but the Cowboy’s won anyway, what an exciting game that was.


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