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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crying Daisies

Crying daisies in the rain.
Wilted petals, dripping wet.
Shows me misery and pain

Like the tear drops of the sky,
matches my tears from my eyes,
they wither up and die.

Returning in the springtime,
then rise again to shine.

Their bright colors of their petals,
gives hearts feeling settled.
They are beautiful
and full of many colors

blooming pastel yellows and whites,
that look like painted with watercolors,
with cheerful feelings of delight

They bring joy to many lovers,
healing hearts that reunites.

They cry in the rain,
like the hearts that wither.
And the pain remains within,
while the lovers sadly depart.

And those hearts that seems to break forever
just takes time really recover
while the daisy brings in colors
when the sun comes out and shines
and brightens your heart in time

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