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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Make it happen

Right now, there is something I can do to make a positive
difference in my world around me. Instead of just speculating about
it or wishing for it, I will go ahead and do it.

Positive, effective action is what changes things. And
I'm fully capable of taking those actions that will bring
my highest visions to life.

Avoiding, delaying and making excuses will just waste time
and produce regrets. The time has come to take action.

Until I take decisive, committed action, my problems
will continue to hound me and my dreams will continue to
elude me. Get moving now, and my actions will surely
begin to bring those dreams to life.

I'm designed from the inside out for meaningful
achievement. So I will go ahead and feel the delightful satisfaction
of doing what I am meant to do.

I will get busy, take action, and make it happen. Life's best
possibilities are mine to fulfill.


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