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Thursday, January 31, 2008


When you encounter resistance, it means you are moving
forward. When you come across a challenge, it means you have
reached the point where you can successfully meet that

Life becomes more rewarding as it becomes more demanding.
You are destined to achieve, and each successive achievement
positions you for an even greater, more challenging

Each new challenge is an opportunity to stretch beyond your
previous limits. Most of the advantages you enjoy today were
born in the difficulties through which you traveled in days

Every day brings a new way for you to more fully give of
yourself. It is by so giving, in ways that are familiar and
in ways not yet imagined, that you create the life you most
sincerely desire.

In everything there is treasure to be found. The richest
treasures are those that ask the most of you, for they
resonate wholly with your deepest purpose.

Delight in the living beauty of each challenging effort.
Give your best to life and life returns the favor, a million
times over.

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