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Monday, January 21, 2008

Challenge my beliefs

To strengthen my beliefs and assumptions, challenge them
regularly. I'll have to rid myself of those outdated assumptions
that hold me back, while at the same time strengthening
those valuable beliefs that I can move forward.

There is no doubt that challenge builds strength. It is a
key theme of life.

Muscles that are challenged to lift heavier and heavier
loads become stronger as a result of the training. Minds
that are challenged to solve more and more difficult
problems become increasingly adept from the experience.

Questioning and challenging my beliefs can transform them
from mere beliefs into absolute certainties. The willingness
to challenge a belief demonstrates my commitment to, and
confidence in that belief.

By being my own most effective skeptic, I can add real depth
and substance to my beliefs, perspectives and assumptions.
By continuing to ask why and why not, I learn much and
grow stronger.

When I challenge my beliefs, I compel myself to make
them a reality. I transform them from vague concepts into
living, breathing certainties upon which I can build great

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