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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My life will be rich

I've been waiting to start really living my life,
today is the day I begin. As of this moment, my wait is

Sure, it would be nice if I could wait just a little bit
longer, to get in better shape, to get a little more
organized, or to save up some more money. The fact is,
though, that things are never going to be perfect, so why
not just go ahead and jump right now into the fullness of my

I know all those things I've been telling myself that
someday I'll get around to doing. That idealized someday
is never really going to come, yet the good news is that
today is just fine and is here for me right now.

Today is what I'll have to work with. Today is when you can
actually give life to your dreams.

Today I can put those things I've been meaning to do
into real, effective, fulfilling action. Today I will
experience how good it is to go beyond merely planning,
dreaming and intending, and to bring those beautiful plans
to life.

Though it may seem very ordinary, this is the day I've
been waiting to live. I'll breathe in the sweet air of limitless
possibility, and make my life as rich as I know it can be.

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