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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anger Hurt me more then anyone

This is appropriate for today;

Your anger hurts you much more than it affects anyone else.
When your energy and awareness are tightly wrapped around
anger, you're not much good for anything else.

There are many things beyond your control that can be
perfectly legitimate reasons for anger. Yet the amount of
time you maintain that anger is completely up to you.

The more quickly you move on, the better off you'll be. When
you feel the first sensation of anger, let that be a
reminder to let it go.

Anger can be useful in calling your attention to matters
that require your response. But anger itself is not an
effective response.

Take a slow, deep breath and remind yourself of how much
more effective you can be by maintaining a positive,
results-oriented approach. Decide, in a cool, calm and
thoughtful manner, exactly what response would be the most
powerful and valuable, and then make it happen.

Don't let the foolish, thoughtless, destructive actions of
others catch you in a trap of anger. Take note of the anger,
let it go, put your focus on being your best, and you'll
surely emerge as a winner.

Ralph Marston

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