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Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Imagination

There are no limits to what I can imagine. And what I
create in my imagination that sets the stage for what I will
create in my life.

My imagination can take me to any place and any time I
choose. In my own imagination, I can construct and explore
whatever set of circumstances I wish to experience.

My imagination can help me to prepare to do things I've never
done. It can also help me improve and make perfect the tasks
with which I'm already familiar.

I will pay close and careful attention to the realities of my
life. And then fully explore the possibilities present in
those realities by sifting them through the wondrous power
of my own imagination.

When it seems that I've run out of options, I will imagine
myself some new ones. If I let it, my imagination can
pull me toward the truth I need to know.

The reality of my life is rich indeed. And imagination
greatly expands my access to that richness.

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