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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Choose kindness

Whatever can be done, can be done more effectively when I
add kindness to it. Whatever is said, becomes much more
convincing when expressed with genuine kindness.

The kindness in just one moment can have a positive impact
that lasts for years and years. Kindness is a gift that
keeps giving for a lifetime.

Kindness is not complicated, and it comes naturally when I
open my heart to life. Kindness brings new light and hope
to the darkest of days.

Act with kindness, and I will have no regrets. Kindness is
an easy, modest investment that pays generous dividends in
the sense of fulfillment it brings.

Kindness dissolves the pain and speeds the healing. When
logic and reason say there is no hope, kindness can pave the
way forward.

This day will be brighter when I add kindness to it.
Choose kindness, and I'm truly choosing to live in a
better world.

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