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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Greatest Blessings

Many of your greatest blessings can stay buried for years
under layers of comfort and complacency. Often, you realize
the full value of those blessings only when difficulties
come along.

Life's most serious challenges do not arrive so as to punish
you. Rather, they serve to shine a light on what is truly
meaningful and valuable.

You have strengths and skills that you may never know about
until a crisis compels you to uncover them and put them to
use. In times of great difficulty, you are forced to call
upon a reservoir of strength you may have never before known
you had.

When life throws great challenges at you, that's not the
time to give up on the values and dreams that mean the most
to you. In fact, that's the ideal time to reconnect with the
very best that is within you.

Within your most treasured values you will find your
greatest motivation, inspiration, creativity, effectiveness
and strength. With each challenge, you have a new
opportunity to discover new dimensions of your skills and

mee mOe

I took this photo
while on the back of the Harley,
picture of hwy 70.
we were going up the
Feather River Canyon
on a beautiful day.

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