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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stay Focused

To be highly effective in what you do, enter a special state
of being that you can create with your own intention. Enter
a state of focus.

In this state, trivial outside events do not have the power
to distract or annoy you. You simply accept them, move past
them, and continue working on what's truly important to you.

In your focused state, there is no hesitation or worry about
getting it wrong. You move ahead with steady, persistent
efforts, knowing that even the mistakes will lead to
learning and improvements.

Always with you in your state of focus is a clear and
authentic sense of purpose. The energy to keep going and to
keep focused comes from remembering why.

When you are focused you are curious, flexible, and open to
new ways of creating value. At the same time, you're able to
keep yourself solidly on track toward the specific goals you
have chosen.

Enter a peaceful, powerful focused state. And make good
things happen for your whole world.

This photo was taken
while I was on the back of the Harley.
we were crossing the bridge
leaving Belton Town,
a small community off hwy 70
between Concow and Quincy,
Northern California.

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