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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Waiting to be explored

Are you just sitting and waiting for life to come to you?
With that approach, you're not going to like much of what
comes your way.

Instead, step forward with enthusiasm and meet each day with
positive and eager anticipation. That way, you'll put life
solidly on your own terms.

The more responsibility you're willing to take, the more
control you'll have over the world around you. Be decisive
and proactive, and events will more often unfold in your

Make use of each moment to give something meaningful to
life. Fill your thoughts and actions with substance, and
you'll fill your life with great treasures.

Get up, get out there, and immerse yourself in the richness
of being. The positive contributions you make will come back
to you again and again in delightfully unexpected ways.

There is a whole world of abundance and fulfillment just
waiting to be explored. Step forward and discover even more
of what it means to be you.

mee mOe

Picture is taken by me,
and it is me...

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