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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Whatever You Desire

You can feel good for no reason at all. In fact, you can
choose to feel any way you wish at any time and in any

Whatever you desire, you desire because of the way you think
it will make you feel.
Whatever you avoid, you avoid because
you don't wish to experience the feelings that you assume it
will bring.

Yet the fact is that your feelings are not controlled by
your circumstances. Those feelings are determined by how you
choose to respond to various situations and events.

Your feelings in any moment are yours to choose. You can
choose to feel the wonderful reality of your most treasured
dreams long before those dreams have been fully achieved.

And when you do, you put yourself in a positive, powerful
place from which you can surely make those dreams real. When
you feel good for no reason, you immediately begin to create
the reasons.

Choose each day to feel the way you wish to feel, no matter
what is going on around you. And let your feelings pull you
toward the fulfillment of your destiny.

most these pictures I took myself,
this one was taken while I was on
the back of a Harley. These rolling
hills are called Butte County mountains.
Their only 20 minutes from where I live.

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