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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Remove the problem

Beware of quick-fix solutions that end up being worse than
the problems they are intended to solve. There's nothing to
be gained from a cure that is worse than the disease.

And there's certainly nothing to be gained from a solution
that merely masks or delays the problem without addressing
the underlying cause. When there's a problem in your life,
get to work rooting out the core of that problem.

Facing a challenge requires effort, and yet that effort is
necessary only for a relatively short time. Running from the
challenge requires ever-increasing effort that has no end.

The sooner you start working through a problem, the more
quickly you'll have that problem behind you. The earlier you
deal with the root cause of the problem, the more effective
your efforts will be.

Truly eliminating the cause of the problem does indeed take
more work than quickly fixing the symptoms. Yet once the
difficult work is done to remove the problem, it's gone for

Do the work to root out each problem at its core. And your
efforts will bring lasting rewards.

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