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Monday, May 11, 2009

A light that shines

You are the smartest person in the world in your own special
way. You see life from a perspective that is all your own.

There is great value in all you know, in the things that
interest you, and in the experiences you've accumulated.
Think of all the ways you can put that unique and
irreplaceable value to good use.

See each challenge as an opportunity to be creative. Look
for what you can do to contribute something positive.

Though there are many forces beyond your control, there is
always much that you can do. And life at its best is about
making a difference.

Conditions change from day to day and year to year, yet
there is something you'll always have. You can look at life
from your own unique vantage point, decide what must be
done, and take effective action.

In this way you can transform it all into treasures that
you'll hold dear. Be you, and be a light that shines

This photo was taken by me,
the Paradise Lake,
another one
of my favorite
spots to fish.

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