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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Yourself

If you are resisting life's goodness, then working harder at
it will push that goodness farther away. Instead, learn to
let go and to allow.

Simply generating more activity and energy will not help you
if that energy is pointed in a negative direction. Choose to
re-direct all the energy and awareness in your life toward
those things you value most.

If the results you are getting fail to bring fulfillment, do
not seek to merely create more results. Instead, find the
path that truly fulfills your purpose.

There is nothing to be gained from making life needlessly
difficult. See the truth that life is beautiful, and align
your energy and your actions with your very own expression
of that truth.

When you let yourself be yourself, richness flows easily and
effortlessly and naturally through every moment. Your
greatest accomplishments come from who you are.

Let yourself be yourself. And you'll be as rich as anyone
can ever be.

This a picture I took
of my youngest daughter
she is now going on 19.

mee mOe

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Dorothy L said...

LOL....that is so darn cute.
I love the message behind the humor:)

By the way...I have added this link to my blogroll:)

Have the best day ever!


Mee mOe said...

I added your link to this blog also. have a great day !!!

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