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Monday, February 11, 2008

The three basic questions

Where have I come from?
I am part of undifferentiated consciousness.
Consciousness exists before birth.
My essential being exists before birth.
I have existed throughout time.
I am part of the cosmic whole.
I must be reborn until I awaken to reality.

Who am I?
I am born as consciousness.
Through habitual strategies I build an ego.
The personality and ego are false selves.
I must awaken to truth of my being-ness.
I must discover who I am.
I must become aware that I am dreaming.

Where am I going?
Death/ reborn is a cycle until awakening.
When you awaken there is no death.
Death is an illusion of our minds.
After death on prepares for the next life.
A mystic dies to the ego before bodily death.

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