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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Create and achieve

It is your true nature to create and achieve. Today, allow
that true nature to be fully expressed.

If you think you must struggle to get things done, that is
precisely how it will be. If you see life's abundance as
being apart from you, that abundance will be out of your

Consider how completely right it feels when you are living
in harmony with your most authentic purpose. Think of how
effective you can be when doing something you love.

The objectives for which you strive and agonize will bring
no real fulfillment, even if you're able to reach them. When
you're moving toward a goal and the effort feels effortless,
that is a goal that will bring real lasting value.

Let go of the need to struggle for what you don't really
desire in the first place. Instead, allow your life to
unfold each moment in accordance with your true creative

Connect to the purpose that is sincerely you. Express that
purpose, and you'll fill your world with richness.

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