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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Motivation, Inspiration, Commitment, and Strength

The way to know how is to know why. The way to find enough
motivation, inspiration, commitment and strength is to know

Why do you seek what you seek? Why do you desire to reach
the goals you have set?

There is a purpose within you that will push you to overcome
every obstacle. When you truly feel that your efforts are
connected to that purpose, those efforts will surely bring
the desired results.

It's easy to imitate the dreams and aspirations of those
around you, and to think you want what they want. But
remember that you have your very own, unique dreams, and
those are the dreams to follow.

Instead of frustration, you can experience joy. Instead of
disappointment, you can know fulfillment.

It all comes from truly knowing why. Allow yourself to
understand why, and whatever you can imagine will be yours
to create.

mee mOe

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