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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blossom into Enthusiasm

Step back from the pain and transform it into compassion.
Step back from the stress and strengthen your purpose.

Take the anger and turn it into healing. Drop the resentment
and allow the remaining energy to blossom into enthusiasm.

Rise above anxiety, so that you come to experience peace.
From the negative frustrations, draw positive inspiration.

Where there is sadness, offer genuine and unconditional
love. In times of despair, find tiny morsels of joy and
hope, and let them grow to magnificent proportions as they
flow out from you.

When you are weary, be truly thankful for how far you have
already come. Let your gratitude transform what is, into the
very best of what you know can be.

Life's energy is what you make it. Make it purposeful,
positive, fulfilling, and great.

mee mOe

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