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Monday, September 13, 2010

Energy and Enthusiasm

Imagine yourself filled with energy and enthusiasm. The more
vividly you imagine it, the more real that energy and
enthusiasm become.

See yourself working with purpose, focus and discipline.
Imagine yourself being positive, decisive, and eager to take
whatever action is necessary.

Imagine yourself being the person you've always wanted to
be. Imagine, in rich and glorious detail, living the life
you've always dreamed of living.

Imagine a positive and fulfilling image of yourself, doing
what you know is right for you, giving your very best to
life. Imagine living each day with positive purpose, love,
compassion and effectiveness.

Imagine yourself surrounded by beauty, experiencing true joy
and fulfillment. Imagine yourself always finding a way to
make a valuable contribution to each and every moment.

Imagine yourself at your absolute best, and hold that image
firmly in your mind, day after day and moment by moment.
Imagine intensely and persistently, and you will make it be.

picture of my Grandson Mikey
he is now 13...

mee mOe

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